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X WordPress Theme

The X WordPress theme is undeniably one of the themes that will be in any list of the big hit themes of 2014.  It is a ThemeForest creation initially released in Nov 2013 and updated to Version 1.8.1 in April 1, 2014. It is this updated version that is causing an unusual stir. Already it is being described as ‘the last WordPress theme you will have to buy,’  ‘the ultimate theme,’ ‘the first of its kind’ and ‘the most feature rich WordPress theme in the market today.’  So what’s the big deal with this theme without ‘a real’ name?

The X WordPress theme is daring and different. To begin with, it is not one theme. It is a package of three completely different stacks of themes from which you get to choose what you want. That alone is a major twist in WordPress theme creation and quite possibly the first of its kind. It is means that the theme is multipurpose in a news sense of the term – as in, you can get an entirely business,  products,  portfolio or any other theme out of the stack.

The  X WordPress Theme features that are causing such a buzz

The reason why the X WordPress theme is causing such a buzz is because it does in fact have an incredible collection of features. First are the familiar features, such as WooCommerce compatibility that makes the theme eCommerce ready. The theme is also fully responsive and is designed on the latest design and layout protocols, HTML5 Markup and CSS3. And it comes with the fabled Revolution Slider plugin.

Then there are the unusual features. First on this list is a ‘live previewer’ – a feature that allows so you to preview any design changes or customization before publishing. Second is a set of special, designer shortcodes created just for this theme – in addition to all the premium shortcodes you may have heard of. Among the new additions is the ‘Responsive Visibility’ shortcode which puts a new spin to responsiveness by  enabling your website to show only certain things on certain devices – and therefore amplifiers both speed and visual impact.  Another new entry is the ‘Table of Contents’ shortcode whose main purpose is to increase SEO effectiveness by increasing page-views exactly as Google search engines likes it.

Additionally, the X WordPress theme comes with exceptional layout and navigation flexibility. You can select your sidebar position or none at all or choose a boxed or full-width layout or set a custom width. And you can make each element whatever size you want and place it wherever you want.

So is the X WordPress theme really the ultimate WordPress theme ever? The jury is still out on that but it is, without a doubt, the most feature loaded WordPress theme in the market. Other features in the theme include:

  • Layered PSD  files to allow you to make changes in Photoshop
  • Over 600 Google fonts
  • Customized – not just the usual – social buttons
  • 30 example sites just to show you what you can do with it
  • Multiple unique portfolio pages
  • WPML compatibility for seamless translation
  • Inbuilt WordPress Custom Post format support
  • 100% Fluid percentage grid based framework