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WordPress Hotel Booking Theme is about exactly what the name says, managing online hotel bookings. That makes the theme also suitable for all accommodation facilities that process online bookings, such as guest houses, villas and even travel agencies.

At first glance, the WordPress Hotel Booking Theme feels like a website design for a narrow niche market – I mean, how complicated can the precessing of hotel bookings be? Or, put differently, how useful can a theme  be if all it does is process hotel bookings?

Prepare to get surprised. The stages and the multiplicity of tasks involved are quite a revelation – and the features of this theme match those needs. Take the booking form, for example. On the one hand, it does the expected, like take in the booking details and approve or reject a booking. Then there are the unexpected tasks and the features to deal with them. Such as setting it up so it requires full payment or a certain deposit on booking, or setting tax rates for all bookings or for some rooms or services. There are seven seven integrated payment gateways to do that. You also get a room-specific calender of bookings – showing an updated list of the days each room is available or not.

The online payment feature means the theme is also eCommerce enabled, in this case using the WooCommerce plug in.  The WoCom plugin, in turn, means that the theme also has web store features that allows the site to display and sell any range of products.  You can use the site to sell souvenirs and other promotional items as you would in a dedicated online retailing theme.

Additional features of the WordPress Hotel Booking Theme

The bottom line is that  the WordPress Hotel Booking Theme is about more than hotel bookings. A lovely example is that it allows you to add, remove, adjust or otherwise customize any hotel service. You could add an extra cost for parking or laundry – and limit that cost to certain days or hours, or a season. You could also throw in a promotion coupon or discount, and limit it to certain rooms or period.

Flexibility is the word. You can even use the WPML feature to make the site multi-lingual so that prospective customers can fill in the form in their own language.

The visual presentation and modern internet standard features are also made available. Think 5 color schemes, 30 integrated shortcodes and 8 page template with a large slider on the home page. And the design settings can be adjusted accordingly.

To that add a few more features, such as:

  • Inbuilt SEO option,
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Booking system add-on
  • Package filtering system – a rarity in most themes of this kind
  • Tevolution plugin, an innovation of the theme’s creator, Templatic, that give a site directory features.
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