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Team Talk WordPress theme is a real time collaboration social App theme for WordPress. Sounds different from what a theme should be about? It certainly is. A totally different concept from your usual theme is what it is.  Is it even a theme really? An App is an App and a theme is a theme, right?

Team Talk WordPress theme is a for-real theme alright.  It is a structured website design that operates on WordPress. But it is also an App, or more to the point, a WordPress theme with an App incorporated within it.  Think of it as more like a real-time chat communication portal – kind of like a WhatsApp or a chat forum, only now in your website.

It is difficult not to love the audacity and sheer out-of-the-ordinary touch to this theme.

Why would anyone want a chat-room of a website? Who knows. Maybe to hold long, exclusive and possibly confidential online chat conferences. Business that live off information collaboration or complex product design and testing need this sort of thing. Research & development firms,  creative departments of advertising and PR agencies as well as engineering and design firms  probably need a channel through which staff in different locations can exchange important information or simply brainstorm in real-time, without having the rest of the world listening in.

Features of the Team Talk WordPress theme

The Team Talk WordPress theme enables each member of a team, from wherever on earth they may be,  to post comments directly onto the website and to read what everyone else in the team is posting in real time. Each member of the team gets to have a profile that incorporates his or her posts.  The theme then adds in  a search feature so that any member can  find out what a certain team member or all team members posted previously about a particular topic or point.

Besides being a sophisticated private chat channel, the Team Talk WordPress theme throws in the features of a modern real theme. Best of all perhaps is that the theme comes with a child theme option, meaning you can  get to keep your customization features even after updating to a newer version. It is also Ajax powered, which gives it fast uploading speeds  that you need in a chat.

Plus it has the usual: It is responsive, compatible to common internet browsers and allows design adjustments and customization, including adjustment of settings, color changes and uploading of your logo.

Other notable features of the theme include:

  • User Registration
  • HTML5 and CSS3 backbone
  • Online Users Widget
  • Is fully translatable (po/mo files included)
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  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Pricing
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