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The Nexus Magazine WordPress theme is an online publishing theme tailored for the image and color heavy environment of human interest news features. It is less suited to hard news websites although one of its major features is the ability to be adjusted and redesigned to the needs of different publications.

The defining feature of the theme is that it is tightly organized, apparently so as to match the tight structures of an offline magazine. The theme’s grid is strict and the headlining follows a set hierarchy.

Major Features of the Nexus Magazine WordPress theme

The Nexus Magazine WordPress theme adopts an editor’s obsession with content and presentation precision, and the total flexibility to adjust and change both at will.  On the precision side of things, the theme comes with set sections, among them, a featured posts section to serve as the lead-story placement.  There is also the portfolio section, in effect the placement area for the other magazine’s major stories, and, of course, a blog section. You also get multiple advertisement-ready areas, and a multimedia portfolio section for photo and video displays.

But, like a typical editor, the The Nexus Magazine WordPress theme comes with a feature to disregard and change the various aspects of the magazine. Using a drag-and-drop homepage builder, you can rearrange everything on the homepage quickly. An ePanel that is integrated with the dashboard adds to the flexibility by allowing the editor to ‘switch’ on or off a whole range of features, including layout, advertisements, colors and even Search Engine Optimization features.

The theme also comes with 16+ shortcodes to boost design options, including for tabbed content, slideshow, image slider, password protection and social media. The social media feature is complemented by a Search Engine Optimization control feature covering the usual SEO parts –  such as headlines, keywords, meta tags and URLs.

The theme also has an integrated feature to review and rate products or services, in this case the articles and editorial sections.

Other features of the Nexus Magazine WordPress theme include:

  • Navigation control for removal and addition of  links and drop-down menu settings
  • Typography and Font Options that allow you to preview fonts from within the Theme Customizer
  • A variety of page templates, including for galleries, contact pages, sitemaps and blog feeds
  • Compatibility with all the common browsers
  • Perpetual Updates from the theme’s makers, Elegant Themes.

Price: Directly from Elegant themes: $39, including access to 86 other themes

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