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As premium coaching themes go, the Life Coach WordPress theme from  Nexus Themes is as good as it gets. It is a theme meant for life coaches and personal development professionals – which is to say it is about  promoting a professional online profiles.  It is kind of nice to meet a theme that focuses on just one professional field. Especially when it clear that the theme could also work just as well for other personal promo websites like portfolio websites, blogs and personal care services.

But what does such a website require most?  The market expectations is that such a theme should have a  classy, sophisticated look. It should also have easy to handle features for sharing content, particularly for uploading photos and videos. And above all, it must have an easy interactive feature to communicate through multiple social media channels.

The Life Coach WordPress theme has all that. It puts a lot of premium on looking good with a layout that is easy to the eye because it is not clustered. It also makes a point of coming with a ready-to-go contact form and well set social media components.

The Striking Features of the Life Coach WordPress Theme

The Life Coach WordPress theme is clearly a personal profile promotional theme designed with the idea of creating online credibility and trust. It is about  good looks, elegant simplicity, fast adaptability and pretty serious functionality. Or more to the point, it is a theme that allows you to create what you consider to be the prefect reflection of your personality and professional stature.

How does it do that? First, like any good WordPress theme these days, the Life Coach theme  works seamlessly on either the usual computer screen or a phone or pad screen. Besides being that responsive, the theme also has an option to use a sidebar or not with either types of screens. No surprise there, maybe, considering that being responsive is now becoming a standard feature in premium themes.

But the Life Coach WordPress theme makes a good effort at taking matters a step further. It has an advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functionality that assess the SEO quality of your content as you create it. That’s a money-saver for most of us who do not have the time to keep up with ever-evolving SEO techniques of keyword phrase choice, placement and concentration. For a WordPress theme basically meant for personal profile promo, that’s quite a plus.

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