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GameCity Flat WordPress Theme is one of the new creations from ThemeForest. It was released in mid April and is already attracting quite some attention. Like its name implies, it is a theme for gaming sites, providing the full range of online games – speed, color and dexterity.

One word of caution however: It takes some knowledge in at least basic website design to fully unleash the full potential of this theme.  That is because it is a flat theme. Flatness is designer-speak to mean it has deliberately not been loaded with complicated gradients or detailed imagery – like 3D elements, shadows and other effects – that may slow down a website. Instead, it is offered in a minimalist form alongside the necessary tools to add any complexity. In other words, you get a complete and fairly complex structure and the tools to add whatever sophistication you may require.

Features of the GameCity Flat WordPress Theme

Flat themes is the new trend in theme designs and they do, in fact, give more flexibility and choice to website designers. But they can also be intimidating to those new or less practiced in website design. The beauty of the GameCity Flat WordPress Theme is that it provides the structure for a complete website, not just a few pages. It has at least 16 PSDs – complete page layout designs – for, among others, the FrontPage and separate pages for articles or posts, forum, users profile, gallery and contact page.

The GameCity Flat WordPress Theme also comes with several other useful design factors. First, it is not one but two themes in one. You can choose to use either of them or pick and select elements from one and include them in the other. Second, the theme is  built on 960 PSDpx Grid System, which means it conforms to commonly used dimensions so as to work in all standard screens – and therefore making it potentially responsive.

Additionally, the theme is fully layered.  Each of the individual design elements in each of the 16+ PDS  – think page layouts – is preserved in layers that are carefully color-coded and named. The idea is to allow you to easily isolate each element in Photoshop and change it or manipulate it as you wish.

Finally, the GameCity Flat WordPress Theme includes UIkit which allows for easy updating of core files without having to actually edit them. Other notable features include:

  • Generic Background PSD
  • Advertisement PSD’s
  • Game Images and Avatars  licensed by Attribution 2.0 generic
  • High Resolution