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The Fusion WordPress Theme is about glamour. It is a sleek, flashy piece of website design that projects fun and style – like what you would expect to see in the website of a glamour magazine or a hyper Silicon Valley tech start-up. Actually, the creators of the Fusion theme – Elegant Themes – specifically meant this to be a theme for design firms and tech firms. The idea was to blend fun with professionalism and it clearly shows in the final product. The theme has no less than 20 background patterns and unlimited color variations. Plus a filterable portfolio and 2 premium slider plugins. The message is simple: You don’t have to be a design or tech firm to choose the Fusion theme but you do need to be sure you want to project serious class.

The Powerful Design behind Fusion WordPress Theme

But the Fusion WordPress theme is not just about first impressions. It has some pretty useful features to go with the beauty.  A good example is the variety of possible styles and the ease with which you can apply them to any page of your website.  This is how it works: you choose any one of the 12 preset page templates with unique style and functions. Then you apply your choice of template into any page of your website. The choice includes some smooth sitemaps, galleries and blog feeds templates. And if you want to jazz things up even more, you can pick up any one of the 15 custom widgets and apply it to the page. Quite cool, really. Other notable features of the Fusion WordPress Theme include:

  • It’s Mobile Responsive: Fusion theme uses CSS queries to trigger different layout for different screens. It basically expands or shrinks automatically depending on the screen – which means your site-visitors will no longer have to zoom or scroll their mobile phones and tablets to see your website at its best.
  • Easy Theme Options: It also comes with the now standard Elegant Themes ePanel that allows you to adjust layout, control colors and toggle other features on and off at the click of a mouse. Better still, the theme options is carried over to your website because the ePanel can be integrated into the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Collection of Short-codes: Also in the menu is a large collection of short-codes to help you redesign or reorganize your site anytime without having to worry about complicated coding. That is an especially useful bonus for amateur bloggers who might not be familiar with coding.

Pricing: $ 0.48 on joining Elegant Theme Membership.

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