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Executive Pro WordPress theme by Studiopress is a theme for businesses whose business is other businesses. Like management, adverting and public relations consultancies or major multi-disciplinary projects. It is about projecting personalized expertise – in other words, presenting specialist information in a highly customized  website design.  But that might as well be the reason that any that any other business might want to ride of this theme.

The thing to remember about Executive themes is that there is a wide choice of them out there. Executives, by definition, cut across industries and are a choosy lot. What is special about the StudioPress version of the Executive Pro WordPress theme is that it anticipates the choosiness of executives. It is in fact not a theme as such. Instead, it is a kind of template plus the parts and pieces that you need  to put together your own design of a theme. In the theme industry language, it is a child theme based on the Genesis Framework.

Features of the Executive Pro WordPress theme

On first installation of the Executive Pro WordPress theme, you will get a simple site with just 3 layout options,  7 color choices and a few features – like a nice, wide slider at the top of the homepage and a call-to-action banner. But because the theme is laid on the Genesis Framework, you can quickly assimilate all the advantages of Genesis into the site and customize it to whatever you wish. It means you suddenly have 6 additional layout options, a long list of custom widgets and Search Engine Optimization options.

Best of all, you also get a user control system that allows you to mix-and-match page designs, as well as adjust layout settings and Search Engine Optimization settings separately for any user of your site. That is a pretty neat touch for a website tracking major projects with professionals from different fields – because the sort of writing by, say, financial experts may require different layout and SEO settings from the writing of architects and engineers.

Behind the functional features, the design features are also top-notch. StudioPress Executive Pro WordPress theme is built on the latest design language, HTML 5, which makes it quite modern. Naturally, the usual modern theme compatibility standards are here too – the theme is responsive to smart phone and tablet screens and resolutions, and it is at ease in all common internet browsers.

Other features of the the Executive Pro WordPress theme include:

  • Fixed Width
  • Featured Images
  • Custom header and Background
  • Unlimited Updates, Support & Sites
  • One-time Purchase Fee
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  • Functionality
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Pricing
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