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The eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme is precisely what it sounds like. It is a theme for eStores designed specifically to ease online product selling. Usually, the three obvious focus areas for such themes are strong and neat visual presentation, ease of purchase and secure payment systems. The eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme scores well on those parameters. It is certainly  a worthy addition to the eCommerce online store stable of WordPress themes.

The eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme is a creation of Elegant Themes. That automatically means it has the signature features of this WordPress themes  design  house  – the most striking being the ePanel and perpetual updates.  The ePanel is a feature that integrates automatically with the WordPress Dashboard and allows you to, among other things,  adjust layout and links, upload  images, manage advertisements, optimize for search engines and generally toggle features on and off. It is quite useful, particularly for designers who not overly familiar with coding.

The perpetual updates feature is a guarantee of free access to any future update and compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.

Notable Features of the eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme

The eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme has all the expected features of a modern online shop theme. It takes in the inevitable product categorization, image display and brief descriptions. It is also visually strong with five unique colors schemes, wide font choices and shortcodes for, among others, slideshows, social media badges, password protection, author info and pricing tables.  As already implied, the theme also has advertisement and search engine capabilities.

But the stand out feature of the eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme is its shopping feature. The theme is integrated with some of the most popular, free,  eCommerce plugins, including eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart. The theme’s design is also not rigid, making it easy to seamlessly add any other shopping cart.  The result is that the theme is fully equipped for its basic purpose – that is, selling product online with minimal hassle.

Other important features of the eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme are:

  • Compatibility with the most popular internet browsers
  • Pre-defined Advertisement placement locations
  • Complete localization in the form of sets of .mo and .po files for easy translation
  • W3C compliant coding with frequent security audits.
  • Wide choice of page templates, each with features and functions that can be applied to an individual page.
  • Integration tab for inputting code
  • Additional shortcodes for buttons, content boxes, tabs and  testimonials