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Like its name implies, the Education WordPress theme is designed for schools, collages and universities. Which means it is about presenting lots of segmented information in a visual context that is lively but not overly glamorous. But, of course, the theme would work just as well for any other big institution with an information-heavy, highly segmented structure.

Overall the Education WordPress theme does a good job of meeting the needs and expectations of educational institutions. It is, for instance,  a wider-than-standard theme with a homepage that includes a full length slider, designated ‘intro’ and ‘feature’ sections and 6 color scheme options.  Those visual features are useful because educational institutions depend greatly on the standards implied both by the description and visual presentation of their  facilities. The Education WordPress theme’s homepage should be able to adequately showcase the different campuses, libraries, laboratories and such other selling-point infrastructure.

The theme also comes with six page layout options, which is a good personalization feature. You could, for example, choose not to have a sidebar, or use a single or two sidebars – on either side of the page or on the same side. The theme also comes with custom background and menus.

Genesis Framework Connection of the Education WordPress Theme

But the central feature of the the Education WordPress theme is the inclusion of its creator’s signature feature – the Genesis Framework.  This theme is a StudioPress creation, and like most of their themes, is a versatile child theme linked to the Genesis Framework. The theme is, in fact, offered as a package deal with the Genesis Framework. A child theme like this is a design plus because it allows maximum design flexibility without fear of incompatibility with future updates.

In this case, the Genesis connection also gives the theme additional features such as automatic updates, Search Engine Optimization options and mix-and-match layout options for individual pages or posts.  It also means the theme gets to have a user control system that is able to adjust settings, layouts and SEO option on a per user, rather than across-the-board basis. Plus it means that any design-part of the theme can be adjusted without affecting other parts or hurting search engine rankings.

This being an education theme, the Genesis connection is quite useful. Education institutions tend to have large websites that have distinct sections or pages to cater for faculty and students in different  departments and campuses. This theme will allow an educational institution to have different setting for users in different departments – and, whenever necessary,  quickly make design changes in parts of the website without affecting the rest of the system.

Other features of the Education WordPress Theme include:

  • Unlimited Updates
  • Featured images
  • Fixed width
  • Mobile responsive
  • Compatibility with all common browsers