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The Clubix Events WordPress Theme is about partying. Clubbing, nightlife bashes, music, special fun events. Think music bands, music magazines, discos, party buffs and music nerds. If you fit into any of those categories, the Clubix Events WordPress Theme  is the answer to your players.

First, let’s get over the basics.  The Clubix WordPress theme has the features you would expect in any good website design. Like background and color choices that allow you to customize all aspects of the theme, including images.  And a choice of 12 widgets to further personalize the site. Plus 11 pages of templates that you can also customize to your taste.

There is also the choice of 10 custom widgets to further spice things up to your preferred design taste. And it is, of course, a fully responsive theme that is at home in any display or screen size – not least,  phones and tablets.

The Incredible Music Features of Clubix  Events WordPress Theme

Then there is the partying and music stuff that only a theme dedicated to nightlife could conjure up. This is where the real beauty of this baby shines through. There is the widgets and shortcode that allows you to add music players anywhere in your website. While you are at it, you also get to choose whether the music player is normal or large.  Now throw in the Auto Play feature on your front page and anyone who drops by your website will be welcomed by music. Pretty cool, no?

And there’s more.  Here’ s just a sample of some of the additional features of the Clubix Events theme:

  • Auto Generated Google Maps:  The clubix events theme has a custom Goggle Maps support feature. If you key in the address of your event or party on the contact page or any of the events pages, Google will let everyone know where it will be happening and you might need to be prepared for party gatecrashers.
  • WooCommerce support: You want to make money too? No problem, clubix has special design for woocommerce pages and sidebars. You can sell tickets if you want, right off the website.
  • Images Galleries: This is the feature you use to store the photos of your sheepishly wasted friends so as to quickly resolve tomorrow morning’s argument over who did what last night.
  • Translate your site to another language: Yes, you can do that with the clubix events theme. It has WordPress Multilingual Localisation Support just in case you want to go local.
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