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Cafemio is an Ajax WordPress theme for clubs, bars and music entertainment websites. It a theme focused on music presentation and sale of drinks and maybe snacks. Music labels and online music shops could adapt it to their needs – as could restaurant or cafe websites.  But it would not work out as well in a websites whose mainstay is not music-oriented.

No surprise then that the key feature of the Cafemio Ajax WordPress theme for clubs is a music player. It is not some out-of-this -world high tech player but it is pretty good and responds well to phone and tablet presentation. It also makes sense: a website has to balance high-tech gadgetry with downloading ease and speed.

The Cafemio also comes with a menu feature, this one with the added touch of being animated. It is a menu that can work out just as well for a restaurant or cafe. There is also a reservation form feature. Plus photo and video galleries to showcase the joint and transmit the club’s character. Overall, it’s fair to say that as far as functional features specific to a club go, this theme get’s it.

The strong engine behind the Cafemio Ajax WordPress theme for clubs

A strong point of this theme is that its clubbing features are backed by some impressive website design features.  First is the Ajax design component. Ajax – which is a refreshingly pleasant abbreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML – is a website design tool that incorporates into a website the ability to update an individual webpage without having to reload it. The effect is to increase speed of transition from page or segment of a page to another.

The Cafemio Ajax WordPress theme for clubs is also based on the latest internet markup language, HTML5,  and its equivalent in internet layout presentation, CSS3. That combination essentially means this theme is as modern as it gets.

The usual design compatibility features are also taken care of. Which is to say the theme is fully responsive to smart phones and tablet computers and is compatible with all common internet browsers – IE 8 to 11, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. It is also  fine with WordPress 3.5 to 3.8.

Other notable features of the Cafemio Ajax WordPress theme for clubs include:

  • The Admin Panel is easy to use
  • It has a background slider
  • It comes with a variety of shortcodes
  • The updated version now has Google web font support


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