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The Best Seller eCommerce WordPress theme is an online theme shop. That is something of a departure from our usual reviews of WordPress themes.  But there is a reason why we have focused on this shop. Simply, it is the place to go if you are looking for selection of the finest eCommerce WordPress themes anywhere.

The big convenience of this shop is that it brings all the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes under one roof. It basically tracks the market performance of virtually all eCommerce themes. Typically, you will find a choice of over 200 such themes listed here, complete with the number of sales that each theme has fetched plus a brief description of each theme.

It is important to remember, however, that the Best Seller eCommerce WordPress theme shop is part of – a section, actually – of a far larger website that carries a wider variety of content. To go directly to the WordPress eCommerce section use this link.

Besides serving as a rich source of information on the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes, the site is also interesting for its own design.  In other words, it is itself an example of what a good eCommerce website design should be. And what are its defining features? A neat layout with plenty of space and a simple catalog-style presentation of content.  For each theme entry, there is a photo of the theme’s packaging on the a left column that merges with a right column with a brief, structured description of the theme. A soft color scheme on the entire page. It’s all pretty neat and professional.

Features of the Best Seller eCommerce WordPress themes

The Best Seller eCommerce WordPress theme is useful for one other important reason. It provides an easy source of information for anyone interested in comparing the best WordPress eCommerce themes around. Anyone looking for a new theme – or planning to develop one – can not ask for anything more.

For instance, a brief examination of the leading themes shows that  they share common traits or features – a fact that suggest these to be the must-haves features in any serious eCommerce WordPress theme.  The list includes:

  • Widget Ready: All the best sellers have that feature.
  • High Resolution: That too.
  • Columns: This doesn’t seen to be a settled point. Most of the best sellers have 2 columns but a few have 3 or 1 columns.
  • Browser Compatibility: There is no debate on this point. All the best sellers, without exception, are compatible with IE 9, 10, and 11, as well as with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome
  • eCommerce Functionality: An interesting twist here. As you would expect of eCommerce themes, all the best sellers are good to go on this aspect. But there is no apparent agreement on what platform to use, or even how many to incorporate. Some have only one while others take on board as many a three options. The list of contenders include WooCommerce, Jigoshop, WPML and  Bootstrap.
  • Price Range: The going price range is $45-65. That is where are all the best sellers are placed. But the optimal or preferred price is $55 – that is how much the clear majority of them go for.