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The BeeTube Video WordPress theme is definitely one of the most ambitious theme creations of 2014. It is a new theme from ThemeForest – released in March –  targeted at video sites and blogs or other strictly video portals. It is the nearest thing to a WordPress YouTube theme and is in fact inspired by YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

It is too early in year to tell but this could well turn out to be one of this year’s top themes. Its designers say it is the most powerful video WordPress theme in the market. The claim will need some verification but, on balance,  the odds are on the side of this theme.

There are two main reasons why the  BeeTube Video theme might become the big hit it is promising to be. First is that it is a technically thorough theme in a niche that does not have many serious options. Lots of  WordPress themes have video embedding features, excellent sliders and most of the typical modern theme capabilities such as social media compatibilities, responsiveness, design flexibility and Ad power. But very few  dare to directly take on YouTube’s straight-up videos-sharing concept .

Second is that the BeeTube Video WordPress theme actually comes up with a few totally new innovations of its own that will probably end up being copied by lots of other theme designers. It has essentially introduced new standards.

The Features that Make the BeeTube Video WordPress Theme Great

The BeeTube Video WordPress theme is a video display and sharing theme, like YouTube. Not surprisingly, its key features are video related. The video slider, for instance, is smooth and sophisticated , the kind usually sold separately as a premium add-on. You also get not one, or two, but three options of posting videos. You can self host the video by pasting your video file url, or you can auto-embed it from a popular video site like YouTube or Vimeo. Or you can embed the video by raw coding.

The theme also has an automatic posts view counter, just like YouTube, which makes it a commercially viable theme when combined with the Ad feature. The counter means both the Admin and advertisers can tell what videos are trending better than others. Which is where a few new innovations get into the picture. The BeeTube Video WordPress theme comes with a plugin that allows you to automatically post videos from other sites such as YouTube –  you can set it up so that it auto-imports a video at a designated time, for instance in the dead of night while you are joyfully asleep.

The social media compatibility feature also comes with a twist: your website visitors can share videos through social media, just like you would expect, but they can also ‘like’ a video without login-in. That is a new way of doing things that increases the chances of activity in the website. Usually many visitors want to browse and feel free while at it so they balk at the requirement to first log-in just to ‘like’ a video.

Another striking feature is in the list of 5 custom widgets. The theme, of course, is widget ready for whatever other choice widgets you may have, but it comes with its own widgets for adverting,  latest tweets,  query posts and posts stats – to show the number of times a video has been viewed, comments and ‘likes’. There is also  a ‘related posts’ widget to show matching videos.

Other notable features of the BeeTube Video WordPress theme include:

  • Fully responsive
  • Compatible with all common browsers
  • Operates on WP 3.8
  • Fully customizable
  • Retina ready
  • Includes layered PSD’s